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Women Special: 13 Ways To Get Long And Healthy Hair

Every woman in the world wants to see her hair long and beautiful because it increases the beauty of women as well as their confidence. In modern times, the problem of hair fall has become a common thing due to increasing stress levels and pollution day by day.
Along with following the advice of your doctors for the problem of falling hair, you can also take care of your hair with some home remedies.

Long Hair Remedies

Some of today's home remedies and a little change in your habits will prove to be a panacea for your hair:

(1) Olive oil

Regular massage of olive oil can help you a lot in making your hair long and strong.
You should massage your scalp with olive oil for at least 50 minutes so that the hair roots become strong.
In the absence of time, if you want, you can leave olive oil in your hair overnight and in the morning wash your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo.

(2) Healthy diet

You also have to take a healthy diet for healthy and long hair. Healthy diet means such food in which protein, vitamins and minerals are available in abundance because research has found that the problem of split hair is more in people whose body lacks protein.

(3) Stress free

For long and healthy hair, you should try to be free from stress because the hair of a stressed person falls quickly.
Therefore, whenever you are surrounded by any problem, then at that time you should not let the stress dominate you.

(4) Mehndi

You should use henna to make hair strong and shiny because henna acts as a panacea for hair.
Soak the henna in an iron pan for one to two hours, after which you mix gooseberry powder and egg in it and apply it well in your hair.
After the henna on the hair dries, wash your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo.

(5) Gooseberry

Consuming amla rich in vitamin C and applying amla powder and lemon juice together improves hair. After drying, wash the head with lukewarm water. After this you can apply serum to your hair. By doing this your hair will not get tangled after washing.

(6) Onion

The use of onion is also very effective for hair. To use it, take out the juice of two onions and apply it on the head. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo after at least 30 minutes of this juice. By doing this the hair will start growing faster.

(7) Lemon juice

Mix two spoons of lemon juice in lukewarm water and massage the hair. Wash it off with lukewarm water and shampoo after half an hour of applying it. You can use it twice a week. Using too much lemon juice can also have a bad effect on the hair.

(8) Aloe Vera and Egg

Mix aloe vera and eggs and apply it on the hair. After drying, wash the head with shampoo. Do not forget to conditioner in the hair, because after applying aloe vera, the hair becomes hard. If you want, you can give steam to the hair before applying aloe vera, this will also benefit the hair.

(9) Potato juice

Potato juice is very effective in hair fall. Take out the juice of two or three potatoes from the juicer. After washing the head, apply this juice in the hair for 15 minutes. Vitamin B present in potato makes hair long.

(10) Curd and Egg

Take two eggs and take out the yellow and white part of it. Mix two spoons of curd and apply it on the hair for half an hour. After drying, shampoo the hair. This will strengthen the hair roots.

(11) Orange juice

Mixing orange juice and apple pulp and applying it on the hair makes the hair long and black. You can apply this mixture on your hair twice a week. After applying this mixture on the hair, wash it after drying. With this you will see rapid improvement in hair.

(12) Mehndi-Shikakai

The mixture of henna and shikakai for hair has been considered effective since time immemorial. Cook henna and shikakai in an iron pan and apply it on the hair after it cools down.

(13) Tie up

It is necessary to protect the hair from pollution, dust, soil and wind. Before starting a long journey, it would be good to tie your hair or make a bun. Apart from this, you can also shampoo thrice a week to protect the hair from pollution.


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