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Did you Know what women want?

What Women's Wish? Every woman in the world is first known as a mother, then a daughter, a wheel friend, and then a husband. There is only one woman who makes a stone house a home. Gives the status of the family to the people of that house. We all live in society and listen to and understand the different ideologies of society, but no one has ever tried to understand what a woman wants. There is a lot of confusion about the ideology of women in a global society. Everyone understands that if women like shopping, then someone likes to hang out. According to social norms, every woman has different friction. Today we will know about those four ropes of women, in which forms a woman wants. (1) As Mother:  Every happiness in the world is incomplete without a mother. Their children are identified by their mother. There is no other sympathy than the mother. The reality is that only the mother lives in children. When a woman is in the role of a mother, the mother loves her children infinite