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The Fight for Women's Rights in Afghanistan: A Timeline

The fight for women's rights in Afghanistan has been a long and challenging journey. From the early struggles for basic rights to recent advancements in education and political participation, Afghan women have faced numerous obstacles and triumphs. This comprehensive timeline explores the history of women's rights in Afghanistan, shedding light on the progress made and the challenges that still remain. Early 20th Century: Women's Education and Activism Begin In the early 20th century, Afghan women began to advocate for their rights and access to education. In 1919, Queen Soraya Tarzi established the first girls' school in Kabul, marking a significant milestone in women's education. This was followed by the establishment of the first women's magazine, Ershad-e-Niswan, in 1921, which provided a platform for women to voice their concerns and aspirations. Despite facing resistance from conservative elements in society, Afghan women continued to push for