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The Nuclear Empire - Top 10 Countries Having Nuclear Weapons

The Nuclear Empire Nuclear weapons are known all over the world for their destructive explosive power. A  nuclear weapon  gets its energy from the combination of fission and fusion reactions, that is, a weapon that uses small amounts of matter and produces a large amount of energy, which can cause total destruction. Today we will tell you about the countries of the world which have conducted several nuclear tests one after the other and brought themselves to the number of nuclear-rich countries. Even today many countries are not nuclear rich but they are engaged in the race to become nuclear. These are the 10   country with nuclear weapons  which have made themselves nuclear-rich countries   (1)  United States  - The name of the United States comes first in the count of countries with nuclear weapons. The US conducted the first nuclear test in 1945 and was successful.  During World War II, the US detonated atomic bombs for the first time in the world in the two Japanese cities of Nagas