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If you're shopping for shoes online or in a store, it's important to know the differences between men and women's shoe sizes. While some brands may use the same sizing system for both genders, others may have slight variations that can make a big difference in finding the right fit. This guide will help you navigate the world of shoe sizes and provide a handy conversion chart to make your shopping experience easier. Understanding the Differences Between Men and Women's Shoe Sizes. Men and women's shoe sizes are not the same, and it's important to understand the differences when shopping for shoes. Men's shoes are typically wider and larger than women's shoes, and they also have a different shape. Women's shoes are narrower and have a more pointed toe. Additionally, men's shoes are often measured in inches, while women's shoes are measured in centimeters. Understanding these differences can help you find the perfect fit for your fe

The Nuclear Empire - Top 10 Countries Having Nuclear Weapons

The Nuclear Empire

Nuclear weapons are known all over the world for their destructive explosive power. A nuclear weapon gets its energy from the combination of fission and fusion reactions, that is, a weapon that uses small amounts of matter and produces a large amount of energy, which can cause total destruction.

Today we will tell you about the countries of the world which have conducted several nuclear tests one after the other and brought themselves to the number of nuclear-rich countries. Even today many countries are not nuclear rich but they are engaged in the race to become nuclear.

These are the 10 country with nuclear weapons which have made themselves nuclear-rich countries


(1) United States - The name of the United States comes first in the count of countries with nuclear weapons. The US conducted the first nuclear test in 1945 and was successful. 

During World War II, the US detonated atomic bombs for the first time in the world in the two Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The first explosion occurred on 6 August 1945 in Hiroshima, and the second exploded exactly 3 days later on 9 August 1945 in Nagasaki, Japan. According to the data received, about 129000 and 226000 people were confirmed to have died in these two explosions.

There is still a long list of nuclear bombs in America's stockpile. If 2019 data is to be believed, America still has 6185 nuclear bombs available, out of which 3800 bombs are part of American security. About 2385 nuclear weapons have been retired and await their dismantling. A week after the US detonated an atomic bomb on Japan, Japan surrendered to the US.


(2) Russia - By the end of World War II, more countries were involved in the process of making the atomic bomb, with Russia coming in second place, exactly 4 years after the US conducted its first nuclear test in 1949, and it was successful, after which Russia Started making nuclear weapons in large numbers and there came a time when Russia had more than 40,000 nuclear warheads.

Because of the global destructive consequences of nuclear weapons, after the end of the Cold War, a decision was taken to put an end to the number of nuclear weapons, after which nuclear-rich countries began to limit their number of nuclear weapons. 

According to the figures received in 2020, Russia has reduced its nuclear weapons treasury to 6375, out of which 1570 nuclear weapons Russia has put in the security of its country's borders and has kept 2745 nuclear killers in reserve for the security of its country.

(3) United Kingdom - The third name among nuclear-rich countries comes from the United Kingdom, which came to the world in a nuclear-powered form. The United Kingdom conducted its first nuclear test on October 3, 1952, in which it was successful and it was counted among the number of nuclear-rich countries in the whole world.

As soon as nuclear tests were completed, there was a competition to make nuclear weapons in the United Kingdom like America and Russia, as a result of which the United Kingdom made around 500 nuclear weapons, but as time went by, the United Kingdom understanding the dangers of nuclear weapons, the United Kingdom decided that it would limit the number of nuclear weapons and it limited its nuclear weapons to 215 nuclear weapons by the beginning of 2020, as well as the United Kingdom assured that in the coming time it will limit the number of its nuclear weapons to 180, for which it is committed.


(4) France - France comes fourth in the count of nuclear-rich countries. France conducted the first nuclear test in 1960 in which was successful. France was also competing to make nuclear weapons like the US, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Seeing itself strengthen on a global scale, France increased the number of its nuclear weapons to more than 500. 

Keeping in mind the continuous creation of nuclear weapons in the world and the global crisis arising out of it, France took the decision to limit the number of its nuclear weapons. Today there are about 300 nuclear weapons available. Out of which 280 he has kept in the security of his country. He has kept 10 nuclear weapons in reserve for the security of his country.


(5) China - China emerged in front of the world as the fifth nuclear-rich superpower in the world. China conducted its first nuclear test in 1964 and since then China has been continuously increasing the number of its nuclear weapons. 

An agreement made by nuclear-rich countries whose purpose was to curb the manufacture of nuclear weapons and which we all know as the Comprehensive Nuclear Management Agreement (CTBT) was signed by China, but even after signing this agreement, China Constantly engaged in secretly making nuclear weapons. 

Surprisingly, China had already conducted 45 nuclear tests before signing the CTBT nuclear deal. According to US intelligence agencies, China is still engaged in making nuclear weapons and has made many large missiles endowed with long-range nuclear weapons. China's nuclear-rich activities are becoming a threat to the world.


(6) India - India comes at number six in the list of nuclear-rich countries. India did its first nuclear test on 18 May 1974, but India came in front of the world as a nuclear power after the Pokhran test in 1998. 

In the Pokhran test, India conducted several underground tests, after which India declared itself nuclear-rich in front of the world. India has a very limited number of nuclear weapons compared to the rest of the world. India has an estimated stock of 150 nuclear weapons, which the three Indian armies have included in their fleet. 

India has conducted only three nuclear tests so far and has adopted a no-first-use policy. However, India has not signed the CTBT or the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which has opened the way for India to conduct nuclear tests in the future if required.


(7) Pakistan - Pakistan conducted its first nuclear test in 1998, soon after India's Pokhran test. Pakistan is one of the 8 nuclear-powered countries of the world, but it is sad to say that Pakistan is probably also a country that is creating the biggest threat to the world by harboring terrorism.

After attaining nuclear power, Pakistan has so far kept a stockpile of 160 nuclear weapons and since 1998, Pakistan has been engaged in increasing its nuclear weapons. It is worth noting that Pakistan is engaged in preparing nuclear weapons based on plutonium and uranium.


(8) North Korea - As the eighth superpower in the list of nuclear-rich countries, a country came in front of the world, which surprised the world by conducting nuclear tests in the 21st century, the name of that country is North Korea.

North Korea conducted its first nuclear test on 9 October 2006, after which it has been engaged in the production of nuclear weapons. North Korea is secretly producing nuclear weapons. No one is aware of the number of nuclear weapons available with them, yet according to intelligence agencies, according to the production of plutonium and uranium, it is estimated to have 30-40 nuclear weapons.


(9) Israel - Many countries of the world consider Israel to be a nuclear-rich country. By pointing to Israel, the nuclear-rich countries of the world have clearly said that Israel has nuclear weapons available. It is a different matter that Israel never accepted it but never denied it.

Israel also has sufficient raw materials to make nuclear weapons. If intelligence agencies are to be believed, Israel has been secretly manufacturing nuclear weapons since the 1960s. According to an estimate, Israel may have between 80-400 nuclear weapons.


(10) South Africa - South Africa's name also comes in the list of nuclear-rich countries of the world because it is the only country in the world to have developed nuclear weapons and also destroyed them voluntarily. 

According to an estimate, South Africa conducted its first nuclear test in the year 1979. In the 1980s, South Africa had made six gun-sized nuclear weapons and was preparing to make a seventh. After voluntarily abandoned its nuclear weapons program South Africa, joined the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) as a non-nuclear-weapon state and allowed International Agencies to inspect.


Conclusion: Nuclear weapons can prove to be disastrous for the whole world, according to the way the competition for getting nuclear power was visible in nuclear-rich countries and even today some countries are secretly making nuclear weapons in an unconstitutional way.

Therefore, there is only one request from all the countries of the world that as soon as possible all nuclear weapons should be completely destroyed and the whole earth should be protected as our home.


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