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A woman needs a husband or a friend | Can a husband be a good friend?

Women Thoughts

Whether a woman wants a husband or a friend, it sounds a bit strange to hear, if to be honest, this question is asked by everyone. What is the importance of a husband and a friend in a woman's life, it depends on which of her husband and her friend is more important to that woman.

About Women

First of all, we will know about the woman, what a woman thinks and what she wants to know. From her childhood to the moments of her youth, when a girl decides to become a woman, then many questions come to her mind, in which one question also comes that when she will go to her husband's house after marriage, her friends. Where will she be and where will she be because all the friends with whom she has spent her childhood from childhood to youth will be left behind and her husband will come into her life.

Thoughts Conversion

Thinking of this always a girl gets nervous and she can never get the answer to these questions, but the truth is that this question is as simple and easy as it seems. We all know that change is the rule of the world, nothing in the world remains the same forever, if there is anything that will remain the same forever, it is our nature because we will remain the same tomorrow as we are today.
A woman needs a husband or a friend - Women Steps

Age Factor

It is certain that the choice we have today will never change because it has become our personality. There is also age for a person to change. When we cross that age stage then our likes and dislikes become neutral but one thing we always miss is our friends.

Best Definition Of Good Friend

We all miss our friends even after our marriage, but have you ever thought that the person you got married to, who became your husband, is also a boy, he can also become a friend because he Not just your husband. If you search, then you can find the best friend in him because the best friend of all the friends till now, the best friend can become your husband.

Journey From Childhood To Youth

There are many reasons for this, as in the journey from childhood till today, you have shared so many things with your friends. Still, some things will be such that you would not have shared even with your best friend but if you make your husband your friend then you can share everything in your heart with him because most of your life You spend time with that person and with whom we spend most of our life, that person also has the most ability to understand us.

Don't Live In Past

That's why it is better than turning the previous pages of life that we start thinking about our tomorrow because if we have a good today, then our tomorrow will automatically be good, and to make our today good, it is better. It is very important that we find our friend not anywhere else but only in our husband because our husband is perfect in him we can find everything that we look for elsewhere.


Like every woman wants someone to understand her. In the same way, every husband also desires that someone understands him too. All of us women have many expectations from our husbands, we have many expectations, but with these expectations and expectations, we forget that our husbands will also have some wants, some expectations from us. This need can be something other than love. Have we ever thought about this?
A woman needs a husband or a friend - Women Steps

Just like we all need a friend with our husband, so our husbands also need a friend with their wife. Just as we start looking for our friend in someone other than our husband, similarly our husbands will also start looking for their friend in someone other than their wives.


If we want, we can bridge this gap. By building a good friendly relationship with our husbands, when we will see our friend in our husband, then our husband will also see his friend in his wife, as a result of which we will all be able to make our married life happier.


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