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Washington DC is an extremely busy city, but I feel as though women are underrated despite the kind of work they do - Sinead Murdock.

Women At The Top - Women Steps

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard that a number of women were studying science at the University of Washington was that I thought it would be exhausting. I had imagined that hard-working women would have to catch up if they didn’t already, so that seemed impossible. However, I came to realize that things are not as I had imagined. 

Working Women

Women working at the University of Washington are given training from freshmen and young female administrators who are too young to lead their own classrooms or other departments and want to make a difference. Professional women must network with their male colleagues so that they are effective communicators. 

Women should look to their male counterparts as advocates, and understanding what their male counterparts are trying to do is crucial to being able to apply. It is common that the efforts made by female students during and after graduation are underappreciated. In order to do this, it is critical that students understand the importance of networking and the importance of being a strong advocate for what they do.

Working Women At The Top - Women Steps

Women working at the University of Washington were specifically required to be presented with fair working conditions. Working with freshmen and younger female administrators introduces students to positive conditions. This serves as a training and is different from preparing for active duty men and women. 

In addition, women have to take direct action in a college setting, so this would be the role that a woman needs to be tasked with, especially in school. In order to make things more interesting and motivating, the women working at the University of Washington could be asked to produce educational materials for the campuses that are essential for understanding women and healthy women living in the female community. They could participate in forums and other civic activities that are of interest to women, and the women would come to see that they may be able to come up with some unique ways to create these initiatives that will be equally useful as the new classes of young female administrators and incoming students.

Women Can Change

How can women bring about positive change in the University of Washington and all places that women work? It is imperative that women will be given the opportunity to continue to work, and not just for academic reasons. Women could benefit from research and take part in other outreach programs such as mentoring young women in higher education. The University of Washington has already done a tremendous job of giving women the opportunity to try out college life in a formal environment. However, there are still ways that women can push harder to have their voice heard and better positions in their leadership. They would have more influence in the school curriculum, and more women in power would be positive for the entire university and wider community.

Working Women Contribution - Women Steps

Women contribute positively to all areas that they participate. I can’t imagine that there would be this much discussion about gender in the workplace without the help of women. However, I do not think that there is a lack of accomplished women and top male and female administrators. 

However, there are still many situations that are overlooked or not given a chance to be heard. This call can be heard by all women at the University of Washington, and it may even inspire more students to consider the University’s institution of study. 

Furthermore, what are the things that would lead a female administrator to the University of Washington? This question should be a big conversation with everyone that does not live there so that everyone can also put into practice what they learn from their peers. By asking this question, other students could gain even more insight into what women should look like and do.


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