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Keep these 7 things in mind during periods | How to fix your period problems in 7 ways | Are periods painful?

 Periods Of Girls | Truc facts on periods

Those problems during periods are very difficult, which every woman has to face even without wanting because this pain has also become a part of her life.

Talking about the intensity of this pain, this pain is different in every woman, that is, some feel sharp and some feel mild pain.

Today we will give you information about 7 important things about which you should be careful during your period.

(1) Avoid sex - 

If experts are to be believed, then women should avoid sex during periods because sex done at this time increases the risk of infection and there are doubts about increasing pain.

periods problems - Women Steps

(2) Avoid exercise - 

Experts believe that women should avoid exercising during periods because women have bleeding problems during periods and there is a risk of unnecessarily increasing bleeding by exercising.

However, if you want to do light exercise, then do not do it at all without the permission of your doctor and exercise specialist.

Avoid Exercise - Women Steps

(3) Avoid physical labor - 

Experts believe that during periods, every woman should avoid doing excessive physical labor because excessive physical labor can unnecessarily increase the pain during periods.

Avoid physical labor - Women Steps

(4) Use Of Sanitary Napkins -

During periods, every woman should keep changing her sanitary napkin after a certain time interval. It is generally recommended to change the napkin at an interval of 3 hours, but this time may be different for every woman as some women have less bleeding and some women have more bleeding.

Changing napkins at certain times does not put you at risk of getting infected and the chances of getting bad odor from your body are also negligible.

Use of sanitary napkins - Women Steps

(5) Comfortable clothes - 

Women should wear comfortable clothes during periods because if comfortable clothes are not worn at this time then women feel angry and irritable, which affects herself and others too.

Comfortable clothes - Women Steps

(6) Itching in periods - 

Many women have to face the problem of itching in the genitals during periods. Usually this happens due to infection. That's why women should keep changing their napkins from time to time and if the problem of itching starts getting more then contact their doctor immediately.

Itching in periods - Women Steps

(7) Bloating - 

Many women have problems with Bloating during periods. This is because due to the bleeding that occurs during periods, there is a blockage of water and salt in women.

Bloating During Periods - Women Steps

Therefore, women should consume sufficient amount of water during periods and keep in mind that there is no shortage of salt in their body at all.

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