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How To Cure Leaky Gut | How To Live Healthy With Healthy Gut

Long Life

Maintaining a healthy body and living a long life is a common goal for many people. However, often we neglect the importance of taking care of our internal organs. Did you know that by addressing just one organ in your body, you can potentially cure almost 95% of your body's diseases? This organ plays a crucial role in preventing common ailments such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even cancer. 

Today, we will reveal the best way to protect and heal this vital organ, which is often overlooked. If someone in your household is constantly battling these diseases, it may be a result of neglecting this important system in their body. It's time to prioritize the care of this organ for a healthier and longer life.

Are You Know How Long Are The Human Intestines?
Are You Know How Long Are The Human - Women Steps

The human intestines are approximately 20 feet long, but when you consider the surface area of the lining, it spans about 2,000 square feet. This lining acts as a protective barrier for our bodies, filtering out harmful substances and providing essential nutrients for our overall health.

Human Membrane

The membrane that is made over our intestines protects our body from those toxins, those toxic substances, and substances that enter our body with our food and with the external environment or toxic air. We can say that this membrane protects our health by protecting our intestines from outside pollution and prevents our blood from becoming toxic.

The membrane that is made over the intestines to protect our intestines, this membrane is actually very thin. The main function of this membrane is to protect our intestines from external pollution, external toxins, and toxic bacteria, and to carry the nutritious compounds that go into our body through food, post nutrition, to our intestines. We can also say that the intestinal membrane removes all kinds of toxic substances from our intestines and sends only post-nutrients to the humorous intestines.

This membrane is named Guts in scientific language. When do our guts (membrane) get damaged?
Human Membrane - Women Steps

Toxic Food Or Junk Food

The answer is that when we eat the wrong food i.e. when we eat some such substances which are not edible or when we consume any intoxicant then the poison released from them damages our guts and pierces them. Huh. Which we know by the name of leaky gut, that is, when our gut is damaged due to the consumption of toxic substances and due to the deterioration of its lining, then it is said that our gut is leaking and it is called leaky gut. The problem is known all over the world.

Toxic Food Or Junk Food - Women Steps

When our gut starts leaking, then the gut through which the micronutrients were supposed to go into our body, through which the nectar was to go into our body, the nutritious nutrients of the nutritious food of our food had to go, through that gut unwanted in our body Bacteria, Poisonous toxins start arriving because of the holes in our gut, due to which our filter starts to deteriorate and the outside polluted matter mixed in our body and our blood and starts polluting it.

Polluted Blood
Polluted Blood - Women Steps

When our blood is polluted due to the written deficiency, the amount of acid in our blood starts increasing due to which our blood becomes acidic and we start promoting cholesterol in our body, due to which we invite heart disease. Not only this, when our blood HD is lost, then due to the high amount of acid in our blood, the chances of stone formation in our body are highest and then these stones can be formed anywhere in our body whether it is our kidney or gall bladder.

One of the major consequences of a leaky gut is the formation of blood clots in the body, leading to various serious diseases. These blood clots can damage the white blood cells, which are essential for our immune system. As a result, individuals may experience allergy problems and other immune-related issues.

If your stomach is upset, you are frequently prone to loose motions, your digestive system is not well, you are a victim of arthritis, or your overall immune system is disturbed, then you do not need to panic because now you know that the reason for all this is your leaky gut and now we are going to tell you how you can cure your leaky gut, that is, the upper membrane of your intestines which we also know as a filter. To cure our gut lines, which substance should we consume, from which we can remove about 95% of the diseases of our body.

American Physician
Dr. Michael Greger Leaky Gut Summery - Women Steps

Dr. Michael Greger is an American physician who has written a book called 'How Not to Die' in which he describes the easiest way to overcome the problem of leaky gut that nature has given us to eat. He told that the problem of the leaky intestine can be overcome by its consumption.

Doctor Michael Greger has described in his book that for a long time, medical science was engaged in the discovery of how we can protect our immune system, how to prevent contamination of the blood flowing in our body?

Dr. Michael Greger found that broccoli contains all those nutrients and compounds which can completely eliminate the problem of Leaky Gut and has the ability to heal the damage of our Gut wall.

How To Cure Leaky Gut with broccoli - Women Steps

Broccoli also has some other properties which are as follows:

The carotenoids lutein is found in broccoli, which helps us to protect against heart-related diseases.

By consuming broccoli, the immunity of our body becomes so high that the chances of getting cancer are also reduced.

Broccoli keeps our minds fresh so that we can avoid the risk of depression.

Regular consumption of broccoli proves to be helpful to a great extent in boosting our immunity.

Consuming broccoli during pregnancy is very beneficial.


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